A marketing activations and media company founded by myself, Bradley Stern.

I started Superiate just over 2 years ago. I had this burning desire to  come up with a way of activation and media directed at youth, but with the opportunity to educate and give back to the youth and their schools.

So I went off and started an agency called Superiate.

It means, in Italian, to “surpass, surmount, exceed and overcome” We endeavour to create awesome strategies for brands that believe the youth is their present and future. But with a twist.. giving something back in terms of youth empowerment!

I put together a team of highly experienced marketers and guys and girls that have activated for years in the youth space.

In my personal marketing career, I’ve worked on client and agency side for brands like Woolworths, Kauai, MTV, Nickelodeon and as Brand Activations Director of adidas, no-one (including me) could fully grasp this “youth mindset” or seemed to get this right.

So I formed my own agency to assist brands to understand this market. We have worked on brands like Total Garages, Microsoft, Telkom Mobile, The Crazy Store, Waltons, Red Bull, Hi-Tec, MWEB, The Crazy Store, Bidvest Waltons, Cartoon Network amongst others to assist with this insight.

We have some incredible projects lined up for 2020. I can’t mention the brands yet, but lets just say they are HUGE global brands. Using brand budget or CSI budget to uplift kids is something worthwhile. If and when you see the smiles of these kids face… it’s a job well done!

We have covered a range of topics including. School Bullying, Career development, Data do’s and don’ts, recycling, female empowerment and many others.

An example of a commercial campaign that changed lives in a small way is one we did for a national retail group. The commercial angle was a percentage off coupon to direct learners or their parents to buy at the store, but the topic was school bullying. Our activators present this to 1000 learners at a time. You see the kids faces…. You know some of those kids are being bullied and they just think it’s normal… they don’t know they can tell their teacher, or their parents or put a stop to it. Now they do. To see tears running down their faces and the smiles on the faces, it is worth all the efoort of working 24 hours to put these campaigns together!

If you have an awesome idea of how we can uplift learners lives, or if you have a brand that you want to chat more about… I can’t promise we have all the answers, but say “howzit” at ( Or check out some images and short vids on Instagram @superiate


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