25K Our MVP for the Year

“I just hope zaka efodisa mabadi” the opening line used in the award winning remix “Culture Vulture Remix” by a young boy from the township of Sausville, West of Pretoria.


In the interview we had with him he really expressed gratitude for the audience and love he’s been receiving since his single hit the charts. The rapper 25K, his dreams were exceeded when AKA who he told us that is a key role model in him becoming a rapper and pursuing a career in music, approached him during a performance about joining him on a remix for his hit single Culture Vulture. Not only was he approached by him but a lot of hip hop stars that he idolized growing up.


When asked about how he made a decision on who to decide to be on the remix alongside him and AKA, he gracefully answered by saying he choose Emtee because he is the originator of African Trap and his a trapper himself, he described the experienced as incredible working with 2 of his favorite artists though he never got to be in studio with them he hopes that it will happen soon. Having an incredible year like he should have a lot of pressure and he is keeping up the moment with a second single due to release between December and January and he said we must expect an EP very soon. Definitely this guy gae khutse o khutsa January or maybe never.

With Universal music Africa on his side, He’s definitely  looking at a great 2020, he explains the encounter with the music label giant as a humbling and unexpected feeling as he would have not thought from one song he could go so far. He also added that the deal with Universal Music Africa came to him as a surprise where he even thought it was a prank, till they got contact of him after trying via social media with no prevail, guess that shows that with a little bit of perseverance you will get what you looking for. It’s even explanatory in the song itself as it speaks about doing the ground work and not resting till you get what you want and again not forgetting respecting your hustle in the process.

25K Vulture Culture – Official Video

A sit down with 25K 

We do apologize for the sound, we had some technical difficulties due to weather conditions/rain on the day.


By: Khumo Tshepe @__khumo


Photographer – @visualsfrommo

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