YOUNG PROPHETS Magazine is an online youth empowerment magazine that is focused on the upliftment and celebration of South African youth. It is informative, educating, empowering and entertaining with an honest and relatable, fresh approach to all its unique features. It is a celebration of 
“modern day youth” through sub-culture with an all across the board contemporary approach to its diverse and informative topics. It is a unique offering, a first of its kind with a realistic and honest approach to current issues and challenges that the youth face while also highlighting their opportunities and achievements. A quality brand that crosses barriers, creatively packaged for a global market. YOUNG PROPHETS Magazine is a premium brand that is packed with current and informative content, infused with fashion, entertainment and the latest trends. It is not just a magazine. It’s a lifestyle.

YOUNG PROPHETS Magazine. Speaking Excellence to the Young.

Mission & Vision

To uplift and champion the works of the youth through collaboration which aims to enable them and afford them independence as artists and businesses.

Our vision is rooted in finding and shining a light on those who are often overlooked. We will create a platform that artists and business owners can call their own, where they can find inspiration and keep up with the global standard of works.

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