Jarryd Smith

My name is Jarryd Smith and I’m 32 years of age and I live in Cape Town.  I have written 2 books called “180 Degree”, “Had to die” and “To live”.  It’s my true life story which we published in 2013 and we have sold close to 4000 copies and counting around South Africa. My latest book which we published this year is called 2 Billion Seconds. That’s how much time you live if you live until the age of 70. It’s all about how you go about using the very thing you cannot buy, “Time”. and It is doing well.
The drinking became an issue at school and led to me being expelled. My headmaster told my dad i would either be famous or go to jail due to my attitude to life. I was arrested over 7 times from this point. I went to college but lost my sporting opportunities.  This is where my life took a huge knock. I continued to choose the wrong friends. My dad always told me that 1 second can change your life forever and i myself came to realize that one choice can have a 1000 consequences.
From the age of 16 to 23, I got involved in drugs, gangsterism, stealing cars, credit card fraud, gold and diamonds, prostitution and house breaking. I went to rehab 8 times. I had three friends and one got murdered, two got long term jail sentences and as for me, I ended up dying on the streets, sleeping on 3 crates and a cardboard box, injecting tik into my arms where I was given three months to live. People told me my whole life that I’m stupid and that I’m a failure. “Give up you’ll never change.” and I believed those words for a long time. Until one day as i was crying on streets towards the end. I said this is not how my story will end. I begged for help but this time i was serious. I worked on myself and my pain became my gift.  Nine years ago my life changed and its still going strong.
My issues were never the drugs. It was my anxiety, my pain and hurt that I was trying to run away from.
I became a motivational speaker seven years ago and I have spoken to over 450 000 people around South Africa and we are as busy as ever. I am also a life coach, a two time Author and I’ve also founded a Trust called Second Chance. http:// www.2nd-chance.co.za
We have various programes we run where we assist people that are affected by all social issues from depression, rape, HIV, self esteem, gangsterism ect.
My advice to young people across the globe is Stop feeding your giants and they will loose their strength.  The power lies within! I should of died many times. But that wasn’t my story. You too, are the Author of your story.
Visit our website and be a part of our movement as we change lives together.http:// www.2nd-chance.co.za

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