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With the month of February here, a lot of us are not just thinking about Valentines but rather we thinking about Cotton Fest. If you don’t know what it is then which planet are you from?

We wanted to understand the idea behind Cotton Fest so we went to the man himself Riky Rick, he definitely has a bigger vision of the event than it just being another hip hop show.

We asked him a couple of questions regarding the whole event and I’d say this is bigger than we thought it is (Cotton Fest).

According to Riky himself Cotton Fest started off as an idea where they wanted to bring people together and they figured that with the beginning of the year it’s better and great for everyone to familiarize themselves with the city of Jozi, as well as new students and friends as most would be new to the city. It would also be dope for people who share the same interest in music, fashion and urban culture.


He had a vision to make the event bigger than just being an event, he saw it as a movement of bringing people of the same interests together. With 3 stages this year it’s bound to become bigger than before with a whole collection of artist doing different  genres of music but playing for the same crowd. Creating a whole new wave of unbiased fun. “It’s a music festival not just a Hip-Hop event.”

The following of the event has grown tremendously throughout the years and he still wants to focus on Johannesburg as its main city but he is definitely leaving it up to the people as to how big it grows. Who knows we might be seeing a Cotton Fest in major cities across the country.


As most of us have seen Cotton Fest gives up and coming artist a chance to be part of the event by allowing them to come perform in which creates a very vibrant and diverse group of audience. The major artist are still booked and do come perform as usual, he did state he loves to gives other people a chance to show that “they can rock the masses” as it plays a huge roles in artist development.


He had over 100+ acts coming through both established and upcoming, with 3 stages he definitely had a great deal of work to put everything together hence our interview with him had to be short and telephonic.

We certainly wish the best for him and for the event to grow even bigger than it is.

Written by: Khumo Tshepe


Official Press Release


Monday, 03rd February 2020 – South African hiphop artist Riky Rick together with some of SA’s finest talent shut down the inner city this past weekend with over 10 000 concert goers attending his second annual Cotton Fest.

Cotton Fest showcases the diversities in hip hop and other popular SA music genres through fashion and music.

With over 100 local acts performing across 3 stages, cotton eaters came out in their numbers from different corners of the country to participate in the annual festivities.

The day was filled with bright colour and power sound including a performance from Riky Rick on his show stopping, first-time-seen-in-SA, elevated moving stage that had the audience in awe.

“Thank you all for the continued love and support. Cotton Fest 2020 is not about me at all. It’s about the great people we have in this industry coming together and creating history for the people. I’m humbled by all the performers who gave up their time to come spread love with us. I’m humbled by the fans who came in their numbers to spread love with us. All 3 stages were unforgettable. Thank you so much for being part of this movement. This is only the beginning. Love you guys. Let’s do it again soon?” said Riky Rick on Instagram yesterday.’

Please check the link below for more pics from Cotton Fest 2020:



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