Samba the Stylist

“Fashion is art and you are the canvas.” This is a quote that successful fashion designer and stylist Ande Mafenuka holds dear.

His interest and passion for fashion started at a very young age. Before persuing fashion as a career option, he was always adding his own twist to his clothing to create his own identity. He would often get into trouble with his mother for redesigning the new clothes bought for him. “Some thought my style was “over the top” or “too much” because of my unique sense of style, but I never let that deter me from my vision, instead it was a motivating factor to push me to the success I have achieved.”

We had a chance to chat with Anda to get to know him better.

My name is Ande Mafenuka, I’m originally from the Eastern Cape but currently studying fashion design in Johannesburg at Vaal University of Technology. My biggest style influence is inspired by @shaunstylist because I admire his versatility in how he manages to fit his style into different forms of fashion, be it formal, casual, vintage or street fashion. I’ts always good to draw inspiration from others however, it is important to have your own identity.

Samba does not follow trends but rather is a trendsetter himself.

Of all of the items I own on my shelf, my most prized piece is an antique green bag. When I was growing up I saw the bag at home in my village, at the top of my grandmother’s wardrobe. It was covered in dust and no one in the family was interested in it, thinking it was old fashioned. I asked my grandmother, who does it belongs to, she said it was from my grandfather. He was given it from his boss in Cape Town many years back in 1991. My grandmother gifted me the bag. I love it very much. It means a lot to me.

Best places to shop? “I buy mostly second hand, and pay between R250-R500 for some unique quality pieces. I also sew and sometimes buy at vintage stores and the social markets that take place in Townships or in town, like The Maboneng Precinct, Neighbour goods market, (Braamfontein), Vilakazi street, (Soweto) and other local retail brands.”


Get to know Samba

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