Uncle is a 21-year-old adept female trap icon born on the 22nd of October 1999, in Pretoria.
Growing up, she always had an affinity for art and words. Today she uses those aspects to create hit singles, three of which have been released. Namely, her debut track “Trap Phone”, followed by an emotional track titled “Feels” and last is her first known collaboration, the sultry Trapsoul hit which
features the Platinum-Selling Producer Elizée. Uncle began her music career in January 2020 and has been a speeding bullet ever since. As a result, Slikour On life released an article centered around her second release. Clout Cassette also reached out by posting Uncle on their official Instagram page as well requesting to shoot videos for Trap Phone and other videos coming from her upcoming Ep.

Uncle’s introduction into the trap scene over these last couple of months has seen a different approach in how she’s gone about her career with her hosting a dance competition which has brought about joy and entertainment throughout this lockdown to her ever-growing fan base.

With her project on the way titled ‘CARTEL’ set to drop in November and other projects
that she featured on set to drop in the coming months, it is only a matter of time before starts
making a huge name for herself within the South Africa Music Industry and the world.

Being a female artist has its pros and cons, people tend to overlook her music as a female artist but once they hear her sound their whole perspective changes. They get shocked and put more focus on her music rather than looking the other way as she explains. She adds also by saying that she doesn’t
think male artists have to deal with such tendencies from people as most male artists have paved the way for many different sounds before, all they need as a female artist is the same a lot of female rappers paving the way and she intends to be one of them.

Uncle started by writing poetry at the age of 16 when her brother suggested that she should write music/songs she was in disbelief as to the transition from poetry to music would so easy, after doing that for a couple of months needless to say she found her true love which is music. With so many songs it’s always hard for an artist to pick their favorite song it’s like asking a parent who’s their favorite child? Nonetheless, she speaks of “Envy” being her favorite song because it reflects her own
experiences, the song was written and recorded in 32mins that’s how heartfelt it was.

No one comes to mind when it comes to people she would like to collaborate with in the future not because she doesn’t want to but because she truly believes in the genuine results of music. She enjoys finding herself in the studio with someone and music organically coming together, in her opinion unplanned music “slaps harder.”

“I feel it may be harder for other people to connect their sound to mine rather it be a feeling at that moment with that person/artist  unlike planning it.”

Uncle identifies herself as part of the new wave and believes that South African hip-hop has been closes off for long from New Wave and it balances the competition as now everyone has a fighting chance and equal amount of opportunities. South Africa should have allowed new wave as a sound
in hip-hop long ago she adds.”

We have talented rappers, lyricists, singers, trappers and so much more! I can’t wait until we’ve fully taken over!”

Uncle writes her music based on real-life events that she goes through, her being vulnerable allows her to connect with people better and make it as meaningful as possible. Making genuine music is a priority for her, she puts her heart I’m her music and her producers work the same way and that will
always make her music genuine. With the lockdown in effect from the early months of the year, it slowed things down and her work. She feared that she might lose her drive, with the help of her flexible team they were able to adjust to the conditions.

If anything her name is thought-provoking for a female let alone rapper to call herself Uncle.

When asked about her name.  this is what she had to say ” I honestly was initially trying to separate myself from being called a ‘Female artist’. I then later realized that the balance between the fact that I am a female artist and the fact that my name is Uncle allowed for a new lane of understanding. Female artists and male artists are capable of the same things. I don’t want to be told I’m great for a female artist, I’m great period! When you hear
the name Uncle, it already confuses your train of thought. You expect to hear a man and you listen with expectations you set for male artists. By the time you hear the music, it’s too late to divert back to the expectations you would set for a female because I’ve more than met those expectations already.”

Uncle talks about her new upcoming EP ”Cartel” as a reflection of her experiences and interactions with people me how everything shapes her life the way it is today. It serves as an introduction of who Uncle is and what is she about.

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Instagram: @trap.sweetheart

written by: Khumo Tshepe (__khumo)

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