Born in Palapye, Botswana rapper WNDRSZN, growing up only listening to hip hop as it was the only genre playing in the house because his parents weren’t much of avid music listeners but developing a love for writing by age 13. Before choosing to become an artist he had immense love for music, he would spend hours studying songs as he was fascinated by how some people could articulate their feelings, vibe, and message so beautifully. Writing down lyrics, rewinding just to understand what’s being said, how it’s being said, from the melody to the beat, down to the effects used at a particular part.


He is somewhat of an obsessive person when it comes to his interests, during the first quarter of 2017 started on a higher note with the release of his 5 track EP titled 26HVN. So far since its release on the 2nd of March 2017, it has gained a lot of traction with more than 5000 downloads to date and close to 14000 plays on SoundCloud. The project is being dubbed as one of the best projects Botswana has seen in a long time.

The success of 26HVN opened numerous doors for WNDRSZN as it saw him immediately rising through the ranks, and linking up with the elite artists in Botswana like Veezo for their fast-paced trap banger BASED which has since racked up over 4000 plays on his SoundCloud. To date, WNDRSZN’s accumulative plays on SoundCloud are over 395 000. In 2019 WNDRSZN released a new single, “Missing,” which features singer KLY. He also released two critically acclaimed EP’s “Goneworld” and “The Young and Bad” with placements on Apple Music’s “Top 100: Botswana” & “The New Mzansi” playlists.


In 2020, WNDRSZN was selected as part of Hype Magazine’s “2020 Freshman”. His current single “REDLIGHT” and “Safari” have received positive reviews, with “Safari” peaking on Botswana’s Rb2FM’ Top 40 chart at number 11. Since the beginning of his journey, his always based everything on understanding that to learn you need to face both wins and losses. He believes that improving and progressing is very important in all aspects of his life, overall his journey in music has been a wild ride and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Globally he would like to work with the likes of Kanye West and, Travis Scott more so people that can architect a sound and imagery and see it through. Besides adding himself to his top 5 artists he mentions the likes of Costa Titch, Nasty C, A-Reece, and his homeland comrades Yusef and Keigo. He adds by saying they are leading the new movement of hip-hop and coming in strong.


“As a Botswana artist, the stance of hip-hop there has the best chance of making a global impact with the roster they currently have”. WNDRSZN’s music is largely written from a desire standpoint whether dire ones or great positive ones, coming from all aspects of life it is relationships, the success of life in general. With the impact of COVID-19, plans did change for the artist but he stayed positive and states that the goal remains unchanged. “The game as we know it has changed, I’ll be surprised if the listening habits and consumption patterns of the fans hasn’t. You have to adapt or die.”

After recording so much music during the lockdown and delayed project releases, he plans to do a bi-weekly drop till the year ends. He believes that every piece deserves its spotlight and attention. This is truly an artist with a lot of ambition and has a passion for it. We should expect a lot coming from him for the next coming months or should I rather say weeks. Check out his most recent single Twizzaboi now available on all platforms.


instagram: @wndrszn


written by: Khumo Tshepe (__khumo)

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